September 2020

The Power of Storytelling

2020-09-30T14:04:26+00:00September 30th, 2020|

Have you had the opportunity to check out Humans of New York? For the past ten years, Brandon Stanton has been giving his followers (more than 20 million on social media) daily glimpses into the lives of strangers on the streets of New York City and all over the world. His most recent storytelling project, "Tattletales from Tanqueray," chronicles the [...]

Sharing Memories

2020-09-30T13:49:10+00:00September 27th, 2020|

"It felt good to be able to remember and to have the opportunity to share about our friend." Last week I had the privilege of meeting with four women to share memories about their dear friend who passed away suddenly several years ago. I am working on a life story book for their friend's husband. We are also retelling his [...]

Precious Letters

2020-09-24T15:19:37+00:00September 24th, 2020|

These are some of the letters my life story client sent right before his brother was shipped out to fight in the Vietnam War. “I don’t envy you or anybody that’s over there, but I really admire you. At least one can give a sigh of relief that it’s for one year.” His brother was killed within 30 days. [...]

Celebrating Three Years of Life Storytelling

2020-09-30T14:31:39+00:00September 20th, 2020|

We have so much to celebrate this month! It's the three-year anniversary of starting Memory Lane Jane. I can't believe it. Three years ago I had a dream and no idea if anyone would be interested in preserving their life stories...maybe I was crazy. Nowas it stands this month, we've completed six life story books, two are at print, three [...]

June 2020

MLJ In the News

2020-07-16T13:51:13+00:00June 24th, 2020|

My first writing gig was working as a college intern at Grand Rapids Magazine. The experience was invaluable. I'm honored to now be featured in the magazine that launched me on my career path. Check out the article here. Want to see more of Memory Lane Jane in the news? Watch this interview on the Fox17 Morning Show. Read this [...]

Memory Lane Jane is Expanding

2020-07-16T13:55:09+00:00June 2nd, 2020|

"I think you always want to hire somebody that's better than you. If you're given that opportunity, take it. Never turn that down..." Stacey Cunningham, President of the New York Stock Exchange When I was younger, I always wanted to be the smartest person in the room, the wisest, the best at all the things. As I've gotten older (and [...]

May 2020

How Much Do You Know About Memorial Day?

2020-05-25T16:11:28+00:00May 25th, 2020|

Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Want to learn more about the holiday? Read here. Want to put your knowledge to the test and take a Memorial Day quiz? Click here.

Never Forgotten

2020-05-25T15:51:27+00:00May 25th, 2020|

"The reason I know all of these stories is that my mom is a genealogist. But as she says, she’s a family storyteller. And she describes that across all her decades of research and interviews, the war story is the same: These are not numbers. Every life is unique, every loss grieved." — Emily Compagno Every life matters. Every story [...]

‘Grateful for the Difficult Times’

2020-05-25T16:13:00+00:00May 24th, 2020|

“Anything tough that we’ve gone through or had to do is just something that’s been better for us — because if we hadn’t had challenges at all, I don’t think we’d be as happy as we are now.” — Lyle Leach Courtesy of The Columbian Lyle and Alice Leach, a couple in their 90s, have the sweetest love [...]

April 2020

Trivia, Jokes and Chalk Art

2020-04-17T16:54:34+00:00April 16th, 2020|

As a life story writer, I've had the privilege of getting to know lots of staff and residents at retirement communities around Grand Rapids. They've shared with me the hardships they're facing because of Covid-19. We've been working hard as a family to bring joy and smiles to as many of them as possible. Here are a few recent [...]

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