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All of our packages can be customized with additional services listed below

Legacy Package

For those with extensive accomplishments, multiple interviewees, or custom design preferences, let us build a book to suit you.
$ starting at $18,000 payment options available
  • 150-225 pages
  • Leather-bound, foil-stamped book options
  • 8+ hours of interviews, multiple interviewees
  • 100+ photos, professional retouching
  • Print and PDF file of your book
  • Completely customized book design by a top-tier graphic designer
  • Magazine-style layouts with custom typesetting and graphics
most popular


Our most popular package covers all aspects of your biography and captures memoir-style reflections along the way.
$ 3 payments of $3833 $11,500 total
  • 125-140 pages
  • Heirloom hardcover book options
  • 6 hours of interview with an experienced personal historian
  • Up to 75 photos digitized and included
  • Print and PDF file of your book
  • Customized color scheme and typeface
  • Custom photo & text layout

Life Highlights

Overview of your entire life story, giving special focus to 2-4 areas of interest, such as family background, accomplishments or hobbies.
$ 3 payments of $2700 $8100 total
  • 85-95 pages
  • Linen-wrapped hardcover book
  • 4 hours of interview with an experienced personal historian
  • Up to 50 photos digitized and included
  • Print and PDF file of your book
  • Choose from our standard layout options

Life Snapshots

Perfect for documenting a significant life event like an engagement & wedding, an adoption, a career milestone or personal adventure.
$ 3 payments of $1166 $3500 total
  • 40-50 pages
  • Hardcover journal-sized book
  • 2 hours of interview with an experienced personal historian
  • Up to 30 photos digitized and included
  • Print and PDF file of your book


Not looking for a standard package? We can help you bring any idea to print.
  • Tribute & Memorial books
  • Business, Church or Organizational Histories
  • Ethical Wills
  • Wedding Day & Birth Storytelling
  • Heirloom Photo Albums
  • Family Recipe Books
  • Editing/Coaching Services


In addition to our packages, we offer a variety of services to make your project truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Additional Photos
  • Custom Portrait and Family Photography
  • Video-Recorded Interviews
  • Interviews with Additional Family, Friends and Colleagues
  • Genealogical Research
  • Custom-Designed Family Trees
  • Additional Book Copies


  • Frequently Asked Questions
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  • 1. I'm not sure if my story is suited to a do I know?

    Most of our clients feel a bit uncertain about telling their stories, but those concerns disappear when they see the gratitude and joy it brings their children and grandchildren. From the successes and high points to the difficulties and lessons learned, your story is the most important legacy you can leave your family.

  • 2. How long does it take to receive my book?

    Our project timelines vary significantly depending on the size of book and your availability. Most books are finished in 3-6 months. Because we give you the opportunity to review and approve your written manuscript, edits and changes, and the finished book design, the timeframe will vary according to your availability to complete the approval process. If you are looking to receive the book by a holiday or special occasion, contact us for a free consultation to discuss your timeline.

  • 3. How much control do I have over the content of my book?

    You have complete control over the content of your book. We provide professional writing, editing, and design, but at each stage you will have the opportunity to review and request changes.

  • 4. I've already done some writing...can you help me turn it into a book?

    Yes, of course! If you have already written some or all of your book, our editors and writers can help add a professional touch and prepare your book for design. Please contact us for a free consultation and we'll offer you a quote on completing your book.

  • 5. How much time will I spend on my book?

    It's your choice. After the interviews are complete, we will spend several hours with you gathering photos and mementos and captioning them together. Once the manuscript first draft is complete, you can take as long as you need to review and request edits. Similarly, after the book is designed, you will give final approval before we send it to print, and you can take as long or short you like.

  • 6. Can other family members or friends be interviewed for my book?

    Yes, we often add material from other family members. Our tribute and memorial projects—written after the passing of a loved one—typically include memories from several others. Since the scope of these projects vary widely, please contact us for a free consultation and we'll be happy to provide you with a project quote.

  • 7. Can I change the book package size after my book is started?

    Yes, during the interview process we sometimes find that another package is a better fit. Typically, that's because our clients discover there's more story they'd like to tell or more photos they'd like to include. At any point along the way, we can increase the length of the book or add custom features like a family tree, ethical will, or custom photography. Contact us for a free consultation and to discuss custom pricing.

  • 8. How many copies of the book will I receive?

    Since family sizes vary, all of our package prices begin with just one book with extra copies are available for purchase. The typical cost per copy is $70-100.